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Celebrating Life in 1929

1929 was a time of great economic prosperity in the United States, and many people were enjoying the benefits of the roaring twenties. It was common for people to celebrate birthdays with parties and gifts, but the specific types of cards and gifts that were popular may have varied depending on the individual's interests and the personal tastes of their friends and family.

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Some potential gift ideas for someone celebrating a birthday in 1929 could include clothing, jewelry, books, home goods, and other luxury items. It is also possible that people may have given more practical gifts, such as household appliances or tools.

      1929 CD & Card       

In terms of birthday cards, it is likely that people had a variety of options to choose from, including handmade cards, store-bought cards, and cards that were sent through the mail. The designs and messages on the cards may have reflected the cultural and social norms of the time.




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