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Facts From 1950 - Chadwick Swims The English Channel

American long distance swimmer Florence May Chadwick broke the then world record held by American swimmer Gertrude Ederie. On 8th August 1950 , at the age of 32 , Chadwick swam from France to England in a record time of 13 hours and 23 minutes. Approximately one year later Chadwick swam the Channel again , only this time in the opposite direction - from England to France. Again , she set a new record in 16 hours and 22 minutes and became the first woman to swim the Channel in both directions. Ultimately , she swam the Channel four times and broke her record once more. Further career swims included the Straits of Gibraltar , the Bosporus , the Catalina Channel and the Dardanelles.

Florence Chadwick died in San Diego , California - the place of her birth - on 15th March 1995 aged 76.

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