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Facts About Daffodils

The Daffodil plant is a bulbous spring flowering perennial plant that signals the end of winter. It`s often referred to as Narcissus or Jonquil - a member of the Amaryllis family (in Latin - Amaryllidaceae). 

                                               Wild Daffodils

The flower typically grows to a height of approximately 30 inches and the stem is leafless , hollow and bears a solitary flower - usually bright yellow or white in colour. Dwarf versions that grow to a height of 3 inches can also be found - Asturiensis. The leaves form from the base and usually number two , sometimes three. The plant likes regular watering in Spring but after it has flowered and the leaves die back it is best to stop watering to allow the bulb to grow.

The Daffodil is the national emblem of Wales and is worn by the Welsh when celebrating St. David`s Day on 1st March each year. It is also used as a symbol by many cancer charities.

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