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Born in 1929 Card

History shows that the year 1929 was a pivotal year in the 20th century. Not only did it highlight the end of the so called Roaring 20s but it was the year of the Wall Street Crash where markets around the world took a huge dive and introduced the start of the Great Depression of the 1930s.

For those who were born in 1929 it may be interesting to note the following events:-

1929 was the year that saw the formation of the Seeing Eye Dog movement by Dorothy Eustis of the USA. Mrs Eustis set up a centre in Switzerland and employed American dog breeder Elliot Humphrey to breed and specially train dogs to assist blind people to become much more mobile and less independent on others. The idea soon spread to many countries around the world and today the organisation is more commonly referred to as the Guide Dogs For The Blind and Partially Sighted in the UK.


The date 16th May 1929 is etched in history as the first ever ceremony of AMPAS (The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Science). The ceremony was held at the prestigious Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in front of 270 attendees. Formed to acknowledge the best films of 1927 and 1928 the ceremony only lasted about 15 minutes and surprisingly was not broadcast on either radio or television. Most awards - which today are commonly referred to as Oscars - went to the movies 7th Heaven and Sunrise - each won 3 and featured romantic dramas. The Best picture award went to the World War 1 silent movie called Wings.

                                    1929 Birthday Card & CD

Back to the introduction now and 1929 saw the biggest sell-off of shares in US history which began on Black Thursday , 24th October 1929 with double-digit percentage falls in the DOW index. More selling followed on Black Tuesday , 29th October 1929 when 16 million shares were traded in a day. The huge falls ushered in the Great Depression of the 1930s. The Crash or the Wall Street Crash as it is referred to nowadays lead to thousands of businesses and banks failing in the US with reverberations worldwide.


On a lighter note , 1929 also saw the creation of the comic book character , Tin Tin by Brussels born Georges Remi (aka Herge). The comic series composed of 24 Albums of the Adventures of Tin Tin and his dog Snowy. The series started with Tin Tin in the Land of the Soviets and ended with Tin Tin and Alph-Art.


Turning now to other worlds , in 1929 astronomer Edwin Powell Hubble observed that the red shift of galaxies was directly proportional to the distance of the galaxy from Earth. He therefore concluded that the universe was still expanding. He further discerned that objects previously thought to be space dust were in fact galaxies which lay beyond our Milky Way.


In Music , one of the most popular songs from 1929 was Am I Blue?. It appeared in four films that year and reached number 1 between October 5th to October 18th. The song , was copyrighted by Harry Akst (Music) and Grant Clarke (Lyrics) was sung by Ethel Waters in the movie "On With The Show". This movie was the first ever sound movie that was filmed in colour. Sadly , no such recordings have survived to this day and only black and white versions can be seen. Am I Blue has proved to be so popular that today it has featured in no less than 42 films.


Another popular singer from 1929 - and the only one to have two number one hits - was Lithuanian born Al Jolson. Jolson was regarded as the most popular and was one of the highest paid stars of the 1920s. Four times married Jolson was so highly regarded that he self-billed himself as the World`s Greatest Entertainer." His first hit , "There`s a Rainbow Round My Shoulder" reached Number One on Dec 1st 1928 and held this spot up to 25th January 1929. His follow up , "Little Pal" held the number one spot from 31st August to 4th October 1929.


The 10th February 1929 ushered in the Chinese Year of the Snake - the 6th position in the Chinese zodiac. People born under this zodiacal sign are considered to be intelligent , wise and charming.


In Afghanistan , the Civil War that broke out on 14th November 1928 continued well into 1929 with hostilities finally coming to an end on 13th October when Mohammed Nadir Khan defeated the Saqqawist forces. Nadir became King of Afghanistan two days later and ruled until his assassination on 8th November 1933. Whilst attending a school graduation ceremony Nadir was shot dead by  Hazara student , Abdul Khaliq. The assassin was arrested and tortured by the Royal Afghan Army and later executed on 18th December 1933 by dismemberment along with other members of his family. Image below:

                        Abdul Khaliq circled


In politics , James Ramsay Macdonald became British Prime Minister for the second time. His first election in 1924 made him the first ever Labour Party Prime Minister but this had only lasted 9 months. Ramsay , a former teacher and clergyman`s assistant came from a working class family in Lossiemouth , Scotland. His second government like his first was a minority government but this did not stop him from setting a historic precedent by appointing Margaret Bondfield as the first ever female cabinet member to the position of Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.


Across the Atlantic , Republican Party member Herbert Clark Hoover was elected to the status of 31st President of the United States and inaugurated on 4th March 1929. He defeated Democratic candidate Al Smith in a landslide victory.  His appointment preceded the Wall Street Crash and the onset of the Great Depression (see above).


German aircraft Graf Zeppelin set off on its round-the-world flight on 7th August 1929 with 50% of the cost funded by William Randolph Hearst the media magnate. The voyage of 21,500 miles was split into five flights and carried 60 men (20 were passengers) and one woman - Hearst newspaper reporter Lady Grace Hay Drummond - Hay. Tickets for the journey cost approximately $3000 each and the airship`s expenses were partially offset by the carriage of souvenir mail. Starting from Lakehurst , New Jersey the airship headed across the Atlantic Ocean to its German destination in Friedrichshafen. The airship landed safely on 10th August 1929 and recorded a journey time of 55 hours and 22 minutes. After refueling and some five days later the Zeppelin took off on 15th August headed for Tokyo. This leg was by far the longest and took 101 hours 49 minutes to complete with the landing completed on 19th August. The next stage Tokyo to Los Angeles , California took 79 hours 3 minutes from 23rd to 26th August. On this leg it was noticeable that Commander Dr Hugo Eckener delayed the crossing of the coast at San Francisco`s Golden Gate to ensure the airship passed over at sunset - an amazing sight for those who witnessed the approach. The final journey from Los Angeles to Lakehurst to complete the circumnavigation took off on 27th August 1929 and landed two days later. The land crossing took 51 hours 57  minutes. But this was not to be the final part of the voyage due to the fact that the Germans wanted to see the airship complete a circumnavigation of the world from Friedrichshafen. And so , the Graf again took off 3 days later on 1st September 1929 again headed across the Atlantic Ocean towards its final destination in Germany. This trip took slightly longer than the earlier crossing , clocking a time of 57 hours 31 minutes.


On January 17th 1929 , the now famous cartoon character Popeye The Sailor Man , appeared for the first time in the comic strip Thimble Theatre. Created by Elzie Crisler Segar , what many people do not know is that originally Popeye got his "luck" from rubbing the head of the Whiffle Hen but by 1932 he got his "strength" from eating spinach. And this spinach was often eaten through his trademark pipe - sometimes even ingesting the can. The series developed into a love triangle between Popeye , his girlfriend Olive Oyl and Bluto.


Iowa born Herbert Clark Hoover is inaugurated and becomes the 31st President of the Untied States. Hoover , a Republican and son of a Quaker had previously run the Food Administration and became known as the "food czar".

                                            Herbert Hoover

Just one year into his presidency the stock market crashed causing the onset of the Great Depression and this lead to him being decisively beaten by Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt. Years later historians ranked him as one of the worst presidents.


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