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Herbys Gifts - 1931 Fact - The Empire State Building............plus.............

3 Facts You Should Know About 1931

1) The Empire State Building

Way back in the year 1931 the world`s tallest skyscraper
of the day was completed in Manhattan , New York City.
The amazing thing about this feat was that it took just
410 days from start to completion to construct 102 storeys.


The building was officially opened by President Hoover
who turned on the building`s lights from Washington

The building first featured in the 1933 Movie , King Kong
but this was followed over the years by many more
representations in films , tv and even cartoons.

2) Capone is Jailed

In 1931 , Al Capone , the Italian-American gangster was
found guilty of income tax charges and sentenced to 11
years in jail. Reports indicated that Alphonse Capone
who was also known as Scarface attempted to bribe
the jury but his plans were uncovered and the authorities
managed to switch the jury at the last minute.

Capone was behind the Valentine`s Day Massacre in 
1929 when his men murdered 7 of his biggest rivals
in a gang shootout. His nemesis was federal agent
Eliot Ness and his men known as The Untouchables
who were chosen specially because they could not be

Time and time again Ness and his men closed down 
Capone`s illegal bootlegging operations but eventually
it was Capone`s tax evasion which finally resulted in
his incarceration. 

Capone started his life behind bars in Atlanta but was 
soon transferred to the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary
based on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay. He 
was released early in 1939 due to good behaviour
but continued to be palgued with health problems

He died at his home in Florida at the age of 47

3) Wales`s Frankenstein Released

On November 21st in 1931 the now Classic Horror Movie
Frankenstein was released with Boris Karloff (William
Henry Pratt) playing the monster. The movie was directed
by James Whale and based on the novel of the same 
name by Mary Shelley. The story is based around a scientist
Dr. Frankenstein and his hunchback assistant Fritz who
exhume body parts to build a monster. Accidentally, 
Fritz gives the monster a murderer`s brain ...and after
several murders the monster meets a fiery end at the hands 
the villagers.

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