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4 Things You Didn`t Know About 1935

1. Earhart

American aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart became the first person to fly solo from
Honolulu in Hawaii to Oakland in California. The date was January 11th and it was
reported that during the final hours of this trans-oceanic flight she became so relaxed
that she listened to a broadcast of the Metropolitan Opera.

2. Mutiny On The Bounty

Frank Lloyd directs the American 1935 drama , Mutiny On The Bounty starring
Charles Laughton (William Bligh) and Clark Gable (Fletcher Christian). The film
was based on the book by Charles Nordhoff and James Hall and the movie became
a massive hit of the year. The book retells the story of the mutiny lead by Fletcher
Christian against his captain Bligh during the two year voyage over the Pacific
Ocean in HMS Bounty following its departure from England in 1787.

3. King George V Silver Jubilee

King George V of England , second son of Edward VII and Alexandra of Denmark 
celebrates his 25th Silver Jubilee. George became heir following his elder
brother Albert`s early death after contracting pneumonia and succeeded to the throne
after his father`s death in 1910. In 1917 with anti-German feeling running high following
the First World War he changed his family name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor
and relinquished all German titles and family connections.

George V grew in popularity during the 1st World War making several visits to the
front line to visit British troops and by his 25th year he was widely loved by the British
population. The celebrations were celebrated by issuing thousands of Silver Jubilee
Medals. George V died in 1936 of pleurisy.

4. Paperback Books

British book publisher , Penguin Books revolutionised the book industry by printing
high quality paperback books. The first of such books issued was a book named
Ariel by Andre Maurois. Today millions of books are published in this format.

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