Amazing Gifts - Old Historic Original Newspapers

Historic Newspapers - these are old archive newspapers which are
simply outstanding gifts for anyone about to celebrate a birthday - but are
just as suitable for anniversaries or even research purposes. Historic original
newspapers dated exactly on the date of birth will become fascinating
reading for anyone`s birthday as they absorb all the news and events that

                       1941 Sample Historic Original Newspaper

occured both at home and abroad. You can choose which national newspaper
to suit the individual - there is a wide choice of papers such as the Times
newspaper, Sun , Telegraph , Express newspaper , Daily Mail , Mirror ,
Guardian newspaper , Independent  newspaper ,and even a few local
newspapers plus Irish and Scottish papers. And if you have an extra
special milestone birthday celebration you can choose to personalise this
present and package it in its own newspaper gift box. All historic original
newspapers come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Birthday newspapers are available for almost any year and any date and the
complete list of available years are listed on our Historic Newspapers page
but this year the most popular years will relate to the milestone birthdays
such as:-

                 1934 Historic Newspaper  80th
                 1939 Historic Newspaper  75th
                 1944 Historic Newspaper  70th
                 1949 Historic Newspaper  65th
                 1954 Historic Newspaper  60th
                 1964 Historic Newspaper  50th
                 1974 Historic Newspaper  40th

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