Original 1976 Historic Newspapers                                               

1976 Historic Newspaper Gift - a gift idea for anyone you know who was born
in the year 1976
. It`s an origial old newspaper from 1976 dated with the exact
birth date of the person who is about to celebrate a birthday. You can choose
from a wide range of national or local papers such as a 1976 Times ,  1976 Telegraph
and Express to name a few. And there`s a gift box range for those really special
milestone birthdays.

             1976 Historic Newspaper

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1976 Historic Newspaper Information

- 1976 historic newspaper prices start from £29.99
- 1976 national papers such as the Guardian , Daily Mail etc
- 1976 news headlines
for the UK and abroad
- Gift boxes available
- Certificate of authentication with all historic newspapers

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