Old Newspapers For Those Born or Married in 1958                                          

1958 Historic Newspaper Gift - here`s a superior birthday gift to get anyone
who was born in the year 1958. It`s an original newspaper bound in a gift
presentation box that is dated on the exact date of the birth. Choose an old
historic newspaper from the year 1958 such as the Times to create the perfect
gift that will be treasured for many years to come. There are a number of
national newspapers to choosse from and in some cases you may find a local
newspaper title.

             1958 Historic Newspaper Gift

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1958 Historic Newspaper Facts

- 1958 news and evants as featured in the 1958 newspaper headlines
- 1958 newspaper prices start from £29.99
- Choice of 1958 Gift boxes
- Choice of national or local newspaper titles
Certificate of Authentication
- Sample shown is a 1958
Daily Mirror

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